A larger, but still as super easy to fly, Prism kite

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A larger kite? Is it backward compatible with regular-sized trees, or does it require larger trees to get stuck in?


The earlier Prism kite, linked to in the post, is much smaller and handles less wind.

You need to be reaaaally aware of strong winds. These are obviously for low wind conditions, however it might not be obvious to people to don’t fly kites often.

Where i grew up it was notoriously windy and heard the story of someone from out of town flying something of similar design to what’s in the linked video. He got surprised by said wind and held onto his kite as tight as he could… which ended with him being dragged for a good number of feet

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Okay. What model is good if we’re in North Dakota and there are no trees for it to get stuck in? Will power lines do?

And, on a related note, is there an easy way to get a kite out of a basketball player? What if he’s dunking?

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