The Single Most Important Thing You Can Do For Your Stress

An interesting and illustrated talk about dealing with stress. Useful thinking for today’s world.


Can’t watch. Am to stressed.
Can’t even comment, but doing so anyway.

That was my tea break. Without tea. Damn.


Yes!! Thanks for posting.

Along with that, I remember hearing/reading somewhere (I don’t recall where) a definition of stress that went something like this: Stress is what occurs when reality doesn’t line up with our expectations. I’ve found that idea both succinct enough, and broad enough, to be very helpful to me over the years. (Which part is easier to change: reality? or my own expectations? :slight_smile: )

I’ve practiced (by which I mean: I do these things myself) both CBT and mindfulness meditation, for years. Highly recommend both. There is no down side to either—they work, they’re free to do (and although you can pay for books, courses, teachers, groups, etc., to learn the techniques, you don’t necessarily have to), you can do them anywhere at any time, there’s no negative side effects like you may get from drugs, the effects are lasting because you are actually changing your brain, and you don’t need anyone’s permission to do them.

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