The Smurfs, Alf, the Ninja Turtles, and the Cartoon All-Stars say no to weed!


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You’re right, kid that just woke up at the end of the clip! That was a nightmare, a nostalgic nightmare.


Why do these messages always make the “bad guys” look so much cooler?


“Alf… please… don’t… smoke… weed”
“No problem, Willy!”



I remember watching this (and having it shown at elementary school later) and being INCREDIBLY disappointed at the TMNT having basically a cameo appearance and not much else.


Anyone else here remember Straight Up? It left much more of an impression on me back in the day, possibly because it was several episodes dragged out over an extended period. It probably wouldn’t have gone over so well if the teachers handed out writing assignments to go with it.


On the other hand…


“The Smurfs and Ninja Turtles and Cartoon Alf and their friends all want you to know that escaping from reality is for losers! Don’t pollute your precious body with that stuff, m’kay? And now, here’s our lone sponsor, Ronald McDonald, with a few words about greaseburgers, salt fries, and sugar shakes!”


Well, to be fair, they weren’t dealing with the reality we currently are…


Notably absent: Scooby Doo


the animaniacs say no to weed. They prefer acid and shrooms. Why don’t we know more about the drug habits of popular cartoon characters, now that I think to ask this question?


If the Smurfs, Alf, Ninja Turtles, etc are all talking to me, I’ve already smoked too much weed.


That anthropomorphic cloud of “smoke” emerged from the kid’s butt, didn’t it? Just what are we refusing here?


No wonder I never watched any of these shows…


#“The Smurfs, Alf, the Ninja Turtles, and the Cartoon All-Stars say ‘no’ to weed!”


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