The soil at the bottom of Greenland


It would be nice to be able to read the paper. Since 10Be tends to deposit in soil/sediment/dust, perhaps it has just built up over the years from melt water at the bottom of the glacier. There is also the confounding factor from 10B – if not separated, AMS has trouble distinguishing 10Be from 10B.

Edit: I see that their methods/etc doc is available to view. Methods seem ok – I guess that they are basing their soil claim on the observed Carbon and Nitrogen ratios in the samples.

Maggie, I love reading articles like that. I just don’t have anything to say.

A thin, silver lining on the ice melting, is that we may discover great fossils beneath. It’s always fascinated me what lays underneath all that ice.

Even the geologically recent ones are fascinating:

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