The Star Wars 'Cantina Band' as played on a Rubik's Cube


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Man, I’m such of fan of jiz music even on a Rubik’s cube.


The algebra one was clever and creative. It does not need an internetsworth of imitators.


Go back to the grumpy, boring rock you crawled out from under.


Listening to this on high end monitors.
Needs to work on phrasing, and somehow the Rubik’s cube tone could be a lot better, maybe using something from MoYu instead of the boring old original Rubik’s would make some of those lines easier to play and more satisfying to the ear.
The unforgivable part is that last turn, it’s just not part of the song and completely RUINED the experience.



You know, Mr. Clark, it wasn’t the best music I’ve ever heard. Kind of monotone and repetitive. But I’ll give it a 75 because it’s got a beat and you can dance to it.


Rocks are never grumpy, and that’s just one reason why they make such good pets.



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