Star Wars Cantina song performed on classical guitar

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I like seeing the effect of the camera frame rate vs the string frequency making the strings look like jelly


A real toe tapper you got there.


I never thought there would be a market for tiny little folding camp chairs for just your foot so you can play classical guitar without a strap.


On guitar it at least sounds a lot less like Yakkity Sax. Unlike Yakkity Sax which on guitar still sounds like Yakkity Sax.

Side note? TIL Merle Travis wrote lyrics for Yakkity Sax (technically Yakkity Axe) and sent them to Chet Atkins


I’m not sure that depicting Kenner as the responsible, diligent party really reflects the historical record. Kenner regularly invented stuff that othher people would attempt to reconcile with “the canon”

Still, here’s the box art. No mentiion of Jizz-- It’s merely Sny Snootles and the Rebo Rand.

This guy wants $200 for a set that semantically expands the meaning of “Good”.

Google says

The OED,. by far the most important of the “Oxford” distiionaries does not seem to concur, but it does remind us that some “critics” of jazz were pretty racist. God, how I hate reading stuff from the 1910s.)


So, who do you think coined the term jazz? White racists? Very doubtful.

Video link for the BBS


The Bith musicians in the cantina are called Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes. Jizz is the type of music. Look, I don’t make up the Wookieepedia entries, I just read them.

Figrin Dan and the Modal Nodes


As a Brit, I saw what you did there. What does jizz mean in US? Also, how lazy are the star wars names?

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Full disclosure, I love Star Wars. I saw rotj in '84 and loved it!

Probably not, but white racists were everywhere, and if one were to look in google books or hatihtrust or the intenet archive, just narrowing down the date would tend to surface that shit.

ah ok, I misunderstood what you were saying :slight_smile:

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I recently read a book by the film Editor Paul Hirsch and he talked about how when they first edited it they used a lot of temporary music form other films and records which directed Williams’ writing in terms of mood etc. In the Cantina scene he used this version of Benny Goodman’s Avalon. When you hear it you can really see how much John williams followed the mood and instrumentation. Not to deminish The John Williams music. He obviously made something totally new and cool. I just think it’s interesting to see how directly Jazz influenced it was: Avalon by Benny Goodman from Live At Carnegie Hall 1938 Concert on Columbia. - YouTube

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GEORGE LUCAS : Ah yes, the Jizz Wailers.

EXECUTIVE : I was wondering if we might change their name to someth—

GEORGE : No. They are Jizz Wailers.

According to Wookiepedia it’s Max Rebo and his band, and jizz wailers is a generic term for anyone who plays that type of music (jizz).


Ah… you’ll have to google that one. if George Lucas actually proposed that, he was either super naive or maybe the word wasn’t as common in the 70s?

I probably didn’t frame the question well. I mean’t as a Brit it means cum. But does it mean nothing in the US?

Yes it means that here too. Ha.

Ah yeah that’s the band from return of the Jedi in jabbas palace. Different band. i love those weirdos too. They had a great song that was changed in the 90s special edition. I liked to old one much more.

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