The stars look very different today


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This is a lovely remembrance on why Bowie matters. Thanks.


He was the nazz, with God-given ass.


Rare Bowie photos

Only Bowie could be cool enough and weird enough to make both Robert Smith and Billy Corgan look uncomfortable. :slight_smile:


I’m very sad today. I always pictured Bowie as a very dapper centenarian, holding court over artists and musicians. Kind of like in Zoolander, minus the fashionistas.


That’s like the best party I never got to go to!





I think Billy Corgan pretty much makes that face all the time.


man, i never understood what he was saying! and then, seeing it spelled, i still didn’t know.

well, that’s satisfying.


I’ve heard Billy Corgan described as what Charlie Brown would look like grown up.


well, he gotta rock


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