The story behind the Cottington fairies hoax of 1917

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I loved that film. So much so that I don’t dare watch it again in case it doesn’t match my memory of it.

There was another (more directly based on actual events) related film released in the same year:


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I first learned of it in James Randi’s “Flim-Flam!”


My favorite thing about the film FairyTale: a True Story is that James Randi couldn’t bring himself to hate the film even though it depicts the fairies as real because he was so impressed by Harvey Keitel’s rendition of Harry Houdini.

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There’s a lot to love about Fairy Tale: A True Story. For example, even in the context of what you grayed out above, the film makes it clear the photographs are a hoax.

proof is in pudding… but
light plays a large part in seeing let alone looking or just gazing…

moon landings faked? filmmaker says not!… (you tube video)…

s. g. collins is the only person to cover ground strokes…
not including ‘bad astronomy’…

however luis elizondo comes up with somethings what was unidentified aerial phenonomen
pentagon ufo programme…


I kind of suspect this is what the future will think of our current worries about “Deep Fakes” – they’ll laugh at us and wonder how we could find these things convincing the same way we look at the obvious fakery of photographs of fairies, ghosts, flying saucers, bigfoot, etc.

Terry Jones’s book, “Lady Cottington’s Pressed Fairy Book” proves the existence of fairies. Just check out all the squashed-flat fairies in the book.


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