Fable of suicidal lemmings traced to Disney




This should shed some further light on the question of whether science filmmakers should tell the truth.


We know.


I thought the same thing… this has been out for years… but clicked-through, anyway, and the article had a lot more interesting tidbits than just the one everyone already knows…


Here is a YouTube Link to the Disney Lemming Footage. Rather disturbing when you know it was faked!


I need a chaser after that.



This story actually predates the web. I read it in a book, Bigger Secrets, wayyyy back in the 80s.


I will say, as I did in one of the previous threads on this, Disney may have propagated the myth, but it was already a well-known myth. The Disney nature film White Wilderness (1958), but the Arthur C. Clarke story “The Possessed”, in 1953, has its gotcha ending being lemmings leaping to their deaths, and it’s written with so little explanation that we can assume it was assumed the readership of 1953 would know That Deal About Lemmings.


I remember reading it as a kid, but did not know the name. Thanks!

Here it is.


You beat me to it.


So, it’s still not true? :smiley:


Glad to see that someone else remembers William Poundstone’s Big Secrets series. I’m always amused when someone makes a fuss over the Coca-Cola formula being “revealed” when Poundstone did so decades ago.


Also referenced in “The Marching Morons”, in 1951:




“…but they do not commit suicide and they do not explode.” Does this mean the TSA will permit them in carry-on luggage?


Oh really?


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