Walt Disney's Frozen Head: a science fiction movie secretly shot at Walt Disney World


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I’m on board with this sick and twisted buddy film.


“Escape from Tomorrow” was a pretty confused, pretentious hot mess, but I rather liked “Missing in the mansion” from 2012: https://youtu.be/0M-yetCGm-A
Wich makes this at least the third guerrilla movie to be shot in the park. Guess it’s a proper genre now, huh?



My reaction when I realized it wasn’t Rob Schneider:


Does the ending of The Florida Project count? I think it should. Best movie of the last five years.


cease and desist in 5…


Brilliant! So is that an actor playing Walt, or is it recycled footage?


I doubt there’s a lot of footage of Walt saying “stop touching my nose”, so probably an actor.


If Cory moves quickly, maybe can get us footage of the rabid attack lawyers barreling down the streets of Burbank.


Another one, 2006. Bansky places Guantanamo Bay dummy at Disney World.


I wouldn’t be too sure… remember the Wonderful World of Disney? Hours of footage of him talking.


Me too, as long as life doesn’t imitate art with me around.


Didn’t I see this like 2 years ago? Maybe it was just a really early preview? I definitely saw a trailer for it a long time ago.


Courtesy of Fall Out 4 Nuka World quest - “Cappy in a Haystack”

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