Disney is giving their Epcot mascot a movie

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I just rode the Journey into the Imagination ride for the first time last week, and man, it was a stinker. (Literally as well as figuratively. There’s a pointless fart gag in it.) Maybe the original version of the ride was ok but I know two of the Imagineers who worked on the current version and they both said it was one of the most embarrassing projects of their professional careers.


It wasn’t their first time trying, it was just their first time succeeding.


Yeah, the movie Dinosaur (2000) was based on the Dinosaur: Countdown to Extinction ride at Animal Kingdom park, rather than vise-versa as I had assumed.

Mission to Mars (2000)
Tower of Terror (1997)


When I was a kid I was fortunate enough to attend Epcot a few times, and somewhere there’s a picture of myself, the professor, and Figment. I really enjoyed that “ride.”


How can you fail with a Haunted Mansion movie?! Ghost and giggles should be a sure fire hit… okay maybe Ghost Buster II and III missed the mark, and Ghost Busters I isn’t actually that funny (more quotable and novel at the time)… Okay, I’ll give Disney a pass on dropping the ball with the Haunted Mansion.

When I saw an official announcement from Disney at a convention in 2010 that they were going to have Guillermo del Toro write and direct a Haunted Mansion movie, I thought it was funny that the tone was basically “hey! We’re finally making a Haunted Mansion movie!” with absolutely no acknowledgement that they had made the one with Eddie Murphy just 7 years prior.

It would have been interesting to see what the del Toro version would have looked like but at least we’re going to see his twisted take on Pinocchio soon.


And of course there’s the Muppet holiday special that dropped on Disney+ last Halloween…


Oh man, given his love of puppets and practical effects I would really love to see Guillermo del Toto direct a Muppet movie…



Any relation to Disney’s previous attempt at a dragon?



Figment’s face, horns, purple skin, etc make him look much more like a relative of Malificent to me.


Although he could easily be the offspring if Elliot and Malificent ever hooked up…


How about their even more recent attempt at, well, the same dragon?

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Worth mentioning that they do in fact have a steampunk flavored graphic novel or two to draw upon.
I see that as the more likely source material for the movie.

Looks like more than a little Spyro in there too.


Maybe Spyro is actually the illegitimate child of Figment and Malificent?

I remember reading a lengthy article on the history of Journey Into Imagination and the comings and goings of Figment. I thought it might have been on Boing Boing, but alas, the link from here doesn’t even seem to be in the Internet Archive.

It was probably this one:

The feature hails from Seth Rogen’s Point Grey

It would be kind of neat if there was some vaguely cynical take on an out-of-work mascot. Perhaps a more refined approach than what they did with Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers.

it really changed over the years. I loved it as a kid. But of course I was like 10 years old, but I dont think that was it. It really had a lot more fun and gags and animatronics in the early 90s. Journey into Imagination The Original Ride 1998 EPCOT Walt Disney World - YouTube

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