The Strandbeests of 2018 are from the very greatest of timelines


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It’s almost as if the Wright Bros dropped acid for a couple of days on that beach in N.C.


I guess humans can be delightful creatures too.


On our planet, we have Politcobeests that devolve.

These are lovely though.


Mind blown. This is why I love Boing Boing!


Maybe they did and decided they could fly.


Apparently NASA is looking at the strandbeest concept for a possible wind-powered robot/rover on Venus.


i want to know what i should do now


Nothing. You can’t. But with the arrival of the winds… then you will “do”.



Now that Theo Jansen is working with NASA, they should both start working with Hayao Miyazaki and then we can all live in a more benign version of Nausicaa’s world.


Go to the Strandbeest site, and get your own mini beast!

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