The Striiv Touch smartwatch is the perfect gift for virtually anyone—70% off


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nothing says “Product Quality” like a spec sheet that includes:


All sales final


Who is this mysterious “I” ?


pick one


The crap BB pedals is amazing.


Yeah, that rattlecan-painted Huffy with the different-sized training wheels is pretty cool.


Thank God I’m not virtually anyone!


When will the “smart watch” meme die?


Here’s the same model boosting her metabolism by eating sushi.

And here she is exercising for Reseveratrol.

While here she’s racing to her chiropracter.

And apparently she’s trying for a healthy pregnancy, good for her!


Nothing says “Product Quality” like crudely photoshopping your stuff on a stock image to save on photo shoots.

I’d suggest one of those instead if you want this sort of gadget without paying serious money.


Yeah, doesn’t appear to be the product that’s going to make me uninstall Woot!

Available Colors: nihilist black, cointelpro black, default black, warm sunny spring riverbottom
Rich loamy bioinformatic yield: csv files, heartrate tutting, immediate clarity to what bug ticket to create and how

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