The Sun ends Page 3

About fucking time.


Still seems to be smack dab in the middle of their web site though.

Not being from the UK I’m not quite sure—Is the Sun actually supposed to be a real newspaper? I thought it was just meant as a trashy tabloid intended as something to jerk off to and/or wipe your ass with. Or maybe line the bottom of a birdcage. Basically all the excretions.

What a strange article. I didn’t think I’d live to see the day when an 83-year-old would claim that topless pictures in a daily tabloid were “old-fashioned.”

Crikey, I must be even older than he is.

And do readers really need such specific instructions?

Page 3 of The Sun is where it’s always been, between pages 2 and 4

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The average Sun reader? Hell, yes.


It’s the voice of the common man, innit?

I think pre-Murdoch, it was maybe meant to be okay, but not afterwards. (Although the Star and the Sport are trashier still, as was its sister paper, The News of the World).

Here’s their most famous headline, regarding the borderline-warcrime of the sinking of the General Belgrano during the Falklands War: (exciting side-fact - the General Belgrano was formerly known as the USS Phoenix, and was a survivor of the attack on Pearl Harbor).

Note that as the scale of the loss of life became apparent, they toned this down to “Did 1200 Argies Drown?”

Also, this one about the Hillsborough disaster, which destroyed sales in Liverpool (they still barely sell a copy there now).

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And stuff like that is why I think there’s a case to say that page 3 is probably the least offensive thing in the Sun.

These young women exist. They really did have few clothes on. Compared to the sleazy propaganda, vilification and ignorance on all the other pages, it might not seem that bad.

Of course, there’s a solution for all of these things that I’ve been using for years. Don’t buy it, and don’t have anything to do with the company that produces it.


20+ years later, the Sun is still the #1 UK paper and Murdoch is still Executive Chairman of News Corp.


But the market for ‘newspapers’ that consist of just page 3 and no actual news has been cornered by other…publications (and the internet).

I can’t imagine anyone who really wants to find pictures of young ladies not wearing many clothes is really going to struggle to find them, but it’s nice that (even if it’s taken years and lots of campaigning), the best-selling newspaper in the country is removing its most glaring fuck-you to half of the population.

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You’re looking at it the wrong way. Who even reads newspapers any more anyway? Look at it as softcore porn and it’s not bad at all.

Or not.

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