The Taj Mahal's white marble walls are turning green and brown with pollution

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It’s a monument to love, or not…

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pollution, bug excrement, and particulates thrown into the air by construction in the vicinity

Taste the rainbow…


I guess just power washing it was out of the question?


They do clean the outer cladding. They dismantle it tile-by-tile and clean the tiles individually then put them back…


Is is just me, or does India’s supreme court have a rather activist bent?

Just you. When you’re used to a supine SC, everything starts to look “activist” by comparison :wink:


If this leads to less pollution, I dig it.

I would love it if it did, but I doubt it would. Far easier just to clean it regularly than to change the reliance of billions of people on industry and traditional culture.

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Well, hopefully it will. At least for that area. Agra and adjoining towns have disgusting industries that in the past were mostly illegal. Over the last few years the Govt has ensured many of these illegal manufacturing plants have closed, and specific laws on emissions for the legal ones have come into force.
Closing a mausoleum will have its own problems - i dont know if it can even be contemplated! It becomes a religious issue.
However, cleaning of the river is one of the plans of the govt. They have a program (money & clear plans) to clean some key rivers in India, and Yamuna is definitely one of them. Work on Ganga has already started. They also do a lot of public information ads to change people’s mindset.

So, all in all, this may take time, but cleaning the surroundings and cleaning the Taj mahal simultaneously should ultimately result in a white Taj. Will have to wait and watch.

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The last such ruling I heard about was a ban on liquor sales within 500 metres of state highways.

Does it? The Taj Mahal is the mausoleum of the wife of a Mughal (Muslim) emperor.

Yup it will. Closing a working mausoleum for any reasons will elicit hue and cry from all parts of India thanks to the Media. It can be labelled anti-religion and turned into a political issue. It can cost many many votes. No sane politician will want to be embroiled in such a thing. Religion is a Big Thing in India.

Ah! You were talking a religion thing, not a religion thing :wink: I was reading the post and going “What? No, that’s not how the beliefs of islam work…”


White paint is the obvious solution

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If it weren’t for the architecture of the palace in the background, I’d have thought this was an image of the Thames (yes, I’ve seen it up close and personal-like), or maybe Rio’s Guanabara Bay.


Max Frisch. Andorra. First lines.

The SC seems to be super active nowadays (as compared to 5yrs ago), and soooo many rulings have come in…for some good (including the famous triple talaq / divorce ban).
Unfortunately, we’ve still heard very little about repercussions of rape.