The tale of the fake DUNE audiobook scam

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@thomdunn Speaking of editing

Ought to have used, “set him up to fail…”


FWIW, the official Dune audiobooks are awesome. Full cast productions that eliminates most of the “he said” “she said” bits.


I read about these scams, where someone gets a “creative” to put in a lot of time/money into a project just so they can scam a relatively small amount of money out of it (either by using the results of their labor or skimming a bit of money off what the person is spending to do the work), and it really pisses me off. It’s one thing to try to make money off a book you don’t own and deprive the author/right’s holder of income, but the monstrous willingness of a scammer to destroy someone’s life (who can afford to spend several months without pay?) just to gain a relative pittance…


Small typo in last paragraph. Wasn’t sure how to inform so posting here: “ACX platform said him up to fail”

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