The Terminator franchise refuses to die with the teaser trailer for new survival game

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“the series has gone over about as well as a fart in church.” OMG. I laughed really hard at this. Thanks God I wasn’t drinking coffee or something :laughing:

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On a side note, Terminator: The Sara Connor Chronicles was the only part of the franchise that handled time travel in a consistent and sane manner.

Characters acknowledged they changed their timelines. Skynet found other uses for time travel besides trying to kill the main characters.

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I want to go back to the first movie, where in the Terminator’s POV we can clearly see him programming his subsystems on the fly, writing code in 6502 assembly. Skynet must’ve either commandeered the MOS corporation for chip production or hit upon a large stash of cheap CPUs.


Or maybe Skynet really appreciated the 65xx instruction set: less unwieldy than Z-80 or 8080, and before RISC and ARM became widely availale.


In the future, the chip shortages get worse. That’s what Skynet could dig out of landfill.


It’s such an obvious take on the material, it’s pretty strange it’s taken them this long to make a game like this. Weirdly they also just announced a Robocop game, something else that’s similarly distant in time from the source material - I’m guessing something happened with the rights that suddenly made them both available a few years back, or Nacon suddenly got a bad case of '80s nostalgia.

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While I agree that the majority of the franchise is by now a dumpster fire, Terminator: Resistance was actually a surprisingly good game, mostly because it kept itself firmly grounded in the story and mood of the first two movies, while ignoring everything that came after. This trailer doesn’t inspire confidence that the success will be repeated. It’s so short that there’s almost nothing to go off of, but the Terminator looks kind of cheap and cartoony and even the music seems tinny and weak.

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…gave us a lot of beautiful things back then.


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