The 'Terrifying Automatic Hair Cutter'


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ummm Hell Nope.


We can do better: introducing the Suck Cut:

Update: corrected spelling of “cut”.


I miss Simone.


I sort of hate being a stickler with details here (because I like this guy’s videos in general), but it appears the knife is just knocking pre-cut hair off the top of his head, not actually cutting the hair. A hedge trimmer might be a better solution than a knife to actually cut hair.


Can you say “insane” ?


Since I’m too scared to use a hedge trimmer on actual hedges (loppers don’t make debris fly everywhere), a dangling hair trimmer might be a safer option.




so those are actually a thing, and I remember that my first boss use to use that because his hair looked exactly as you’d imagine a hair cut with a vacuum would look like.


I was sort of glad to see he made a comment where he shows how it was actually a lot safer than it seems after people thought it was legit really dangerous.






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