The Thermonator is a "Flamethrower Robot Dog"

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Sitting atop the Thermonator is one of the company’s ARC Flamethrowers, which uses a built-in fuel tank filled with gasoline or a gasoline/diesel mixture to blast a 30-foot long stream of burning fuel for up to 45 minutes when using its largest capacity battery.

Meaning, I take it, that the thingy can walk around for 45 minutes. Not spew fire, however pathetically, for 45 minutes.


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That kind of thing shouldn’t fall under the Second Amendment. It’s not the sort of “arm” one could reasonably “bear”.


Firemen: now the robot dogs are takin’ OUR jerbs!

Always time for IDAT.

Sooooooo…. How are things things at dealing with foothold traps or snares, anyway?

I think that’s the same robot dog that got a fancy ninja outfit and a missile launcher when it was cast as a scary domestic military product at the Army-2022 International Military-Technical Forum.

Just think of how many more forest fires I could start!


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