The tight-budget miniature effects of James Cameron's 1986 film Aliens

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Anybody want to buy my copy of the out-of-print DVD of the whole Sense of Scale doc?

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presume the dangling chains were the real to real thing though

clang clang clang

cause the audio sounded like hi def…

This is what I love about live FX, the creativity and vision aligned with technical expertise and just plain clever planning.

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To save anyone having to go via fuckbook, it simply links to here:

(Screenshot from the fuckbook link)

Screen Shot 2022-10-01 at 17.39.31


Amazing, I’ve always imagined that there was a substantial dollar value attached to the Aliens’ production*; it looks like the crew really put every dollar on display in the final movie (including the “directors cut” of course, for every thing that didn’t make it in to the theatrical release).

*“That’s in adjusted dollars…”


I recommend watching the video on mute. You’re really there for the awesome vintage production photos, not the guy rambling in circles for nine minutes about,”the British system” and “it was a tough one” and “the British system” and how “it was a tough one”.


… and – I suspect – unpaid overtime, just to stay on track and in the good graces of the studios.


Perhaps that’s what “the British system” means: people doing the jobs they were hired to do, going home at the official end of the working day and not doing unpaid overtime.

“I worked with lots of amazingly talented people whose names I’ve forgotten and can’t be bothered to look up.”


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