The time the Royal Academy accidentally accepted an empty pedestal as a worthy artpiece


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I hope someone asked him what message he was attempting to convey with his piece.

“I would like to convey the message that round sculptures are prone to rolling over.”

Or maybe “Mans inequality to man”.


“How to not get ahead in the art world.”


I’ll be the curmudgeon then, and grumble about the inadequacy of modern art, despite that the first Dada manifesto was just over a century ago.


This might be a good time to tell them that my frame was meant to have the picture still in it.




Would someone please fix the grammar in the danged title?



I think it goes the other way around.


With all due respect the the lovely piece that the artist actually created, I think the accidental art piece is fucking brilliant, combined with the title.



Reminds me of my favorite Batman episode. The Joker enters an art contest. The artists have 5 minutes to paint a masterpiece. One artist is dressed up as a hurdygurdy man with a monkey that throws paint at his canvass. Another shoots balloons filled with paint attached to his canvass. Another fills a trough with various paints and then rolls around in it and then on his canvass. The Joker spends his times framing his blank canvass with his hands like a lens viewer. Times up. The judges inspect the artwork, making pseudo-profound comments on each. They get to the Joker’s piece and are outraged. “Sir, this canvass is blank!!”. The Joker replies, “I call it ‘Death of a Bat’!” "But there’s nothing there. “Don’t you see? The bat is DEAD!!” The judges are suitably impressed and aware the Joker top prize. :


Sometimes empty space should be praised. Such a bad rap!


Jeez, wish it was harder to find these stories… This must be where art curation/education should have come in; some research should be done on the work before they hang it on the wall, especially if it’s abstract:


Honestly, I think the judges were correct.


I rememember when this happened, the way the academy doubled down and refused to admit they made a mistake-this seemed to tell me everything I need to know about the state of “fine art”.

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