The Toadman of Clawson, Michigan

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This post could have toadly used a jump.


Do you remember what it’s like to love something the way this dude loves toads? It’s easy to get bitter at everything. I want to remember.

Also: in before the obligatory Futurama references.


Is that a “Wet Sprocket” I see in the background of the second picture?


A little bit silly perhaps, but toads are incredibly amiable creatures!

We have a lot at our house – just common green toads, whatever they are – and they like to hang out at night and sit outside the door or under the windows; the light attracts the bugs, which attract the toads… my favorite one (that I haven’t seen in a year or two (don’t know a toad’s lifespan)) used to just sit outside our kitchen door and watch us eat dinner, while it would eat it’s dinner (if lucky).

When I sit outside at night they often just kind of hop up to me and look at me. Giving me, I suppose, the toad version of “Hey, what’s up?”

We did almost have a toad disaster this year, unfortunately. My kids got a lot of fountains/roman candles on July 4th; I guess the toads saw the bright lights and though “dinner!” While 2 or 3 rushed the candle, fortunately none got burnt (but it was close!).


Sound like Toadman could use some help.


My niece is always texting pics of the toads outside of her place… I guess that they can live quite a long time. In the drier months of summer my mom used to sink bowls of water into her flower gardens so that her toads “could get a drink”.
Here are a few:


One of the pictures indicates that the Toadman was watching news concerning the two greatest presidential candidates in American history. But I wonder if Donald Trump’s “Drain the swamp” rhetoric turned him off. If so, I couldn’t blame the Toadman. After all, the swamp is where tadpoles live. How can you drain that in good conscience?

Drain the Swamp


Very cool pictures.

For some reason I’ve never been able to figure out, some people have a visceral aversion to toads (one co-worker I told about the toads around our house visibly winced). But they are incredibly cool (and cool looking) animals.


Perhaps because the pee on ya when you pick them up?


Then don’t pick them up!

(Apparently they taste awful when you pick them up in your mouth, too. I have three dogs who aren’t known for learning not to bother small animals, but they totally leave the toads alone at this point.)


Another shot of the one in the tree crook…

I was wondering if the dog was after it, but my niece said that the dog has no interest in them, but was curious about what my niece was up to…


They say dogs never learn not to bother skunks (don’t know if that’s true, but I can believe it).

But toads? I had a dachshund once whom I saw pick one up in her mouth. She spent the next 10 minutes foaming at the mouth like some Looney Tunes caricature of a rabid dog. Seriously!

Never again did she bother a toad.

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I always heard that when it comes to skunks and porcupines, there are two types of dogs – those who learn their lesson and those who want to get even…
I’ve seen the progression with porcupines… A few quills the first time; a handful the next time; and holy shit WTF the third.

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