This cat is freaked out by a snake in a toad's mouth


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Snake in a toad’s mouth? Is that code for Trump has selected a running mate?


If you are eaten by a live toad in the morning, nothing worse will happen to either of you for the rest of the day.


It’s OK cat. We’re freaked out too.


That snake is Having A Day.


Depending on how things pan out in the next few moments, we could have the next turducken.
Also, I believe it’s a frog not a toad … African Bullfrog (aka Pixie Frog).


I feel like we missed the first part of the video, where the frog was like “hey, cat. C’mere. Wanna see something cool?”


Or gave the cat acid and hooked up his brain to a computer so we can see what he sees.


I assumed that “snake in a toads mouth” was some weird British food item…



Well that is terrifying. May I suggest destroying it with fire from a distance?


The CAT is freaked out? That’s so mammalcentric of you. You know who’s really freaked out? The snake.


Snake is all like “Wait your muthafuckin turn, Cat!”


I hereby request a unicorn chaser.



Allow me to introduce Rhynchophis boulengeri.


I imagine the frog isn’t having the best time either, come down to it. Sometimes nobody wins.


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