Cats startled by cucumbers

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The cats who are afraid of cucumbers are thinking, “I don’t know what took a shit here but it’s TERRIFYING.”


Snakes. Long, green things that appear silently out of nowhere are snakes. Cats do not know of these “cucumber” things you monkeys are so fond of.


It has to be also mentioned that cats are far sighted too

“It sucks all the life right out of you, civilisation." "It killed Old Vincent the Ripper," said Boy Willie. "He choked to death on a concubine." There was no sound but the hiss of snow in the fire and a number of people thinking fast. "I think you mean cucumber," said the bard. "That's right, cucumber," said Boy Willie. "I've never been good at them long words." "Very important difference in a salad situation." said Cohen.”
Terry Pratchett: The Last Hero.

I miss him.


I thought the “cat” took a huge dump.

Crazy me…


silly humans…revenge is a dish best served by cats!


WE’VE FOUND THEIR WEAKNESS! Quick, let the mice know!

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Mickey Mouse Shaped Food

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Glad this isn’t a subreddit.

I’ve seen a cat have a similar reaction to a piece of thick rope. It was 3/4" braided nylon and the end had been melted to prevent fraying, so it was rounded sort of like a snake schnozz. Kitty came around a corner, froze and backed away slowly.

Amazing how these things must be encoded by genes.

Cats who have never seen snakes before have genes that causes a tiny part of the brain to form just so such that the sight of a long snake-like thing on the floor will stimulate intense fear.

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I’m disappointed you didn’t go with: “Just look at this curved, yellow, cat-scaring cucumber. Just look at it.”

“Yeah, I’m not too fond of eels, either.”

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