Cat vs. cucumbers


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I’ve never stepped in a cucumber’s barf barefoot at 3 am.


Worth it.


Laser Cat is watching you disintegrate…


Amz in ur resonant cavity, stimulating ur emissionz uv radiationz


Nothing Freudian going on here. Nope, not at all.



Reminds me of old favorite Mister Mittens’ Big Adventure.


The correct response to this whole cucumber scaring meme is actually: it was funny once, but stop this, you are traumatizing your cats in the one place they thought was safe - their home. It is a survival instinct to fear snake-shaped things. The only time this is ok is when you live on a cucumber farm and your cat has successfully acclimatized to these things from a young age. I heard this correct rebuttal on CBC, and I think she is right: ‘You’re terrifying them. They’re reacting like this because they’re worried that something is going to hurt them.’
– Lara Chan, Calgary Cat Clinic


Oh sorry, I posted this in the wrong thread. Lolz


If you please, right this way with that awesomeness, thanks!:



It was already there!


Yay! Glad that the gif threads are getting such perfect use!


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