The top Ebola doctor in Sierra Leone has contracted Ebola


I’ve heard that if discovered early enough there are some drugs that improve the survival rate of Ebola. It’s not great (you go from a 1% chance to maybe a 40% chance), but it seems like this guy might have a fighting chance at beating it.

This outbreak has been a bit surprising. Normally Ebola doesn’t spread very far because it incubates quickly and the symptoms are so pronounced that everybody knows to stay away. It’s also really horrific so it puts the proper fear in people. The complicating factor in Sierra Leone is death rights where people want to touch the deceased–right at the point they are most contagious (shortly after death).


death rights = death rites (I think)

You’re right. I used the wrong word in my post.

I hope he’s in the lucky 10-30% who pull through

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What a horrifying sacrifice. He gets my vote for Nobel Prize.

Which can’t be received posthumously. If he survives, definitely yes.

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