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That Labour. Self destructing today. 1 sacked 11 resigned


The irony of course being that soon British citizens cannot leave, and only immigrants and children of immigrants can (get another non UK passport) to enter/leave the UK.


How easily that could be edited to fit the US.


And lets not forgot, whilst we look at the potential departure of Scotland & Northern Ireland, it’s a spat in the Conservative And Unionist party that brought this on us.

I think that should be pointed out to various leadership candidates, particularly those who like to affect the appearance of a bumbling, lovable well meaning oaf whilst callously throwing the future of the country to the lions for his own personal agenda, and then getting it wrong.


He’s so situationally productive. I can’t make up my mind on what to call the man.

A few months ago it was the Pigmolester-General, now I’m considering Jefferson Davids Cameron.


Looking at who has left, the correct response is “don’t let the door hit you on the way out, oh sorry, forgot to tell you about the bucket of whitewash.”

This thread is about the Tory Party tearing itself apart. But the schism has spread to the Tory Party over the water - the Blairites.

The people leaving were never Labour. Under Blair, the Labour party was taken over by people who belonged in the Conservative Party. That lot all have their seats only owing to the work of constituency parties who overwhelmingly support Corbyn. They seem to have thought it was all about them.

They even attacked Corbyn for refusing to be on the same platform as Blair, Mandelson and Brown, which shows the level of delusion - doing so would have destroyed his credibility.

The BBC apparently paid huge amounts of money to Chris Evans to front Top Gear, and the result is that he has been painfully exposed as people you’ve never heard of turned out to be better at presenting. The ex-Shadow Cabinet members should be thinking of this today. It’s tragic that Jo Cox isn’t around to be one of the new members, but we may find that others of the new people will have similar commitment.

We are getting a big shakeup in British politics and possibly we needed it, though as with climate change the problem is the speed. As the Leavers realise that everything they were told was a lie - immigration won’t fall, we will still be paying as much to the EU to be in the single market, we just won’t be sending UKIP to the European Parliament and we won’t have any influence, like an even weaker Puerto Rico - they are going to get cross. There’s no way they would have voted for (entitled) Hilary Benn. They might vote for Corbyn. And I think it’s that side of things the Blairites really feel. Benn feels he’s entitled because his family have been in politics for over 100 years. In that regard he is no different from Cameron or Johnson. He understands the Westminster game as he sees it. The Conservatives have tried going back to having the country run by Etonians and people like Benn, and we’re slowly understanding what a disaster it has been. Will they?


I suspect that you and the people who upvoted you don’t understand how this works.
I confidently expect that, barring a sudden change in direction, two of my children will be living in a different European capital. Internationally recognised qualifications overcome most barriers.
It’s the people who voted Leave - many with no particular skills that would make them employable abroad - that we’re stuck with. Still, when they’re told their benefits will be stopped unless they pick fruit or vegetables - that’s when we can expect the real reaction. Because that, in effect, is what they voted for.


And this calculus will also come: the UK pays to the EU, but the EU has, as part of its mission, the diminution of poverty - which is a key driver of instability. So they re-point the funds into deprived areas. Areas that traditionally, no-one cared about - the UK is not, at its heart, socialist. So that will likely end.

So even if the UK paid more than it received, the received funds went to help the worst off. And that ain’t gonna carry on.

Yes that data indicates how much the UK was paying in. But as post-industrial Britain emerged, the areas that lost industry and declined rapidly - well, I don’t remember clearly how much re-investment they received, but it was along the lines of sweet FA. And don’t forget - that decline was visible on the horizon for many years before - it wasn’t a surprise economically.


This is what really happened (you decide which monkey voted which way)


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