The trailer for Ecumene Aztec has a fantastic premise for a stealth game

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Makes me want to play through FarCry Primal again

“One genre in gaming that doesn’t get enough attention, pun definitely intended, is the stealth genre.”

??? What’s the pun?

Oof. I really hope they brought in actual indigenous people from the region to consult on this, otherwise this is guaranteed to be problematic. I shudder think what a bunch of 20-something white male game developers think an “Aztec warrior” is.


Agreed, this is definitely fraught ground. If they do get it right though, I’m all in favor of the conquistadors joining the Nazi’s as an evergreen go-to uncontroversial movie/videogame villain. According to a recent Guardian article that grappled with why some minority groups join USian white supremacist groups, fascist assholes who happen to be Hispanic tend to focus on their conquistador heritage when constructing their white supremacist identity.


Since you asked, what could a person who is attempting to be stealthy trying to avoid?


overdue library fines? :thinking:


Well I did see this short review based on the trailer, and it may end up being a decent stealth game, but doesn’t sound like it is very historically accurate. Looks like the settings should be much more colorful and bright, and it mixes various cultures into a pop culture “Aztec” aesthetic.

ETA - but I guess props for attempting to make a game that isn’t another WWII game?

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