Described as the "scream of a thousand corpses" -- the Aztec death whistle



That. Was. Awesome.


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Well, if the Aztec actually had horses and cavalry, that would have been horrifying. And if there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s people speaking perfectly clear English who get subtitles.

Regardless, awesome whistle.


The bit about the horses seems a bit historically inaccurate. Might as well have it be the sound of the a thousand whistles and fighter jets.


Holy mackerel. Nothing could have prepared me for how eerie that thing sounds. The “reconstruction” wasn’t as eerie, in part because it was hard to make out the individual screams, but also because I can’t imagine the Aztecs riding horses into battle.


But more to the point, that was chilling. I can’t imagine what 100 of these things sounding off together would be like, what the psychological effect of that might be. Probably a fair number would run the other way. And I’d join them.


Woah! I wasn’t expecting that.

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Me neither, but this begs a live reenactment!

We need a hundred death whistles, and a hundred guys dressed like this:

They will start at one side of an open field and walk in a group toward a sound and camera crew set up on the other side of the field.

When they get half way across, they all start blowing their death whistles.

Presuming the sound crew are professional enough to continue doing their job after they wet themselves, we can all learn exactly what it would have been like to fight the Aztecs!

Edit to add:
Those sword-lookin’ thingies they’re brandishing probably looked something like this in real life:


100 Aztecs with death whistles vs. 100 Highlanders with bagpipes. The living will envy the deaf.


I think the video maker used the audio of a horse stampede simple because it was an available/useful audio sample for representing the sound of large numbers of feet marching/running at speed. Likewise if he wanted to be totally accurate he wouldn’t have layered one audio sample from one death whistle 100 times. He would have used varied samples of at least several death whistles. But if all you’ve got to work with is the 30 seconds of the guy in the video blowing it you’re a bit stuck.


Imagine if you were walking somewhere in the dark at night and someone blew one of those whistles while hiding. Or worse if they ran out while blowing it. Pants would be shat.


I think I just spontaneous sprouted at least 4 new grey hairs.

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What’s the big deal?

Maybe with higher volume or better speakers?

I have hyperacusis, and I get hit by backup beepers and other loud industrial noises almost every day, and I find backup beepers incredibly painful and incapacitating, but I find this alright.

I found it somewhat underwhelming as well, even with headphones. None of the promised chill. If they need a sound tech for the reenactment, I think I could do that.

And I am somewhat opposite; my hearing is fine but I tend to get so distracted I need stronger sounds to nudge me into attention. The other kind of the spectrum where the industrial sounds are a lifesaver. Which, while sucking, admittedly sucks less than your plight.

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Needs more Wilhelm scream.


It sounds almost exactly like a painful human scream to my ears. I’d rather hear a thousand trucks backing up at once than this whistle.


Does this get a cameo in the new Dumb and Dumber sequel as the new most annoying sound in the world?

Isn’t that a vuvuzela?


Aztec Goat Whistle