The trailer for 'Star Wars: Eclipse' is absolutely epic

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It’s usually not a great sign when the entire trailer is comprised of cutscene footage rather than even hinting at what the actual gameplay will look like.


I admit the trailer almost made me laugh with its Quantic Dream “srs bsns, much epic, wow” vibe. The grandeur of Star Wars has always been tempered by extreme silliness. A bunch of aliens drumming in Star Wars results in “Yub Nub,” not… this.

My (limited) experience with QD games is that it’s a bunch of “quicktime event” gameplay. Supposedly that’s not (or less) true for this game, but I don’t know if that’s based on anything more than wishful thinking.


Nearly 3 minute video and no sign of Mr. Spock? I am disappoint.


It definitively looks epic, but the fact that it plays in the unfortunate “High Republic” era, makes me shy away from it. Give my Clone Wars, Rebellion or the OLD Republic and I am in.

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I still haven’t finished Fallen Order. If I have an hour to play, I keep popping in Fall Guys :confused:

Anyway - are they making Sith Tarman Zombies?


At first I thought Lucasfilm had partnered with the Rank Organization


He was killed by Gandalf a few movies ago.


I noticed they have Voldemort in it too though. a Mexican stand off scene between gandalf spock and voldamort directed by sergio leon would be awsome. (The Good, The Bad, and the Logical)


Surely, a collection of space fairing civilizations that travel the distance between stars in minuets and have knowledge and have technology enough to destroy planets would put little significance in an eclipse.

They may even see the metaphor of an eclipse as something pretty, perhaps emotionally significant, but ultimately trivial.

How about when the eclipse is caused by a planet-destroying battle station passing between your planet and its sun?


What the holy hell…!!!

i love rhythm games!

i’ve never seen a co-op one before, but i’m guessing you get a bunch of your friends to play together and – depending on the level – each drum controls a ship, or a lightsaber, or a person shopping at a market?

looks fun!

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What do you mean? Fully operational or European battle station?- I digress.

If one thing StarWars cannon has shown me, the death of billions is a trivial footnote compared the the death of one single old codger in a bathrobe met less than an hour earlier.

Also, that would have been an amazing visual metaphor, instead we were treated to beautiful planets in full light- at least to my
memory, but I was in HR looking out of a porthole during my yearly review during when Alderaan was destroyed- no warning about what was to happen. Nice view, but a dick move on my employers part.


Never seen No Man’s Sky before? The release didn’t live up to the promise in the demo above, but it has vastly improved and gets fairly close now. They’ve really done a great job over the last 5 years improving the game.

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Finally mixing it up with some Star Trek TNG crossover!


Yeah. Quantic Dreams’s games are uniformly punchlines. David Cage is a shit artist and a shittier human.

This take by Rock, Paper, Shotgun’s Alice Bell feels about right:


Counterpoint: Screw David Cage