The trailer for Uzumaki based on Junji Ito's horror manga is a true teaser

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Love Junji Ito, love Uzumaki. It’s one of the few books that made me shiver while reading it (and the main reason I will never eat snails.) I can’t wait for this to come out!

(The movie wasn’t bad, but it’s a somewhat more subtle adaptation, and the ending is different. The manga hadn’t finished before the movie filmed. It’s okay, but not required watching.)


counterpoint: snails can be delicious, the same way oysters can be. Weird texture, subtle, minerally flavors. And garlic butter.

Really, enough garlic butter and you can eat just about anything.


It was originally advertised as coming out in 2020, which obviously didn’t happen. I’ve been waiting for this for ages now. Love the music and art style of the teaser.


I hear you, but there was a scene in the third volume that put me off snails forever. Basically, people were turning into giant snails, and… somebody considered that an excellent source of food. It really grossed me out, and made me shiver. Most horror books don’t faze me; that scene did.

Thanks, but no thanks. :wink:


I actually really liked the movie. It’s terribly underrated and unremembered.


I liked Uzumaki. I love snails. They have not turned me into a spiral yet.

Scored by Colin Stetson… who scored Hereditary!!!


@Carla_Sinclair - no doubt you’ve read the Korean webtoon Sweet Home

I found the story weird and engrossing, and also enjoyed the scrolling web toon format.

And yes - there is a live action adaptation on Netflix - which I found lacking in comparison to the source material - but others really liked.

I definitely enjoyed it. I think I first learned of it from a random excerpt posted on Imgur.

Are there similar webtoons (i.e. lacking years and years of archives) that you would care to suggest?

Also one whacking huge brick, these days.

Sorry @Jorpho - I’m a stranger here myself when it comes to Korean manga. I stumbled across Sweet Home by happenstance too.

I have never read the original story/manga and happened across the movie Uzumaki by accident almost and although some of the acting is not great and the movie isn’t really scary I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed it and have rewatched it several times.
It has such a strange concept and accompanying vibe that I totally bought into it. It’s one of those low budget movies that carries so much charm in among its surreal weirdness that I will forever have a real fondness for it. Maybe if I’d read the original story I would have a different take on it but as it is, it’s one of the few J-horror(?) movies which I return to from time to time (and with great affection too.)

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Ah yes, delicious Japanese horrorousness. I really hope they manage to do this, and do it properly. The live-action movie was maybe not perfect, but it did manage to capture the atmosphere of the manga.
Anyway let’s not forget that J.Ito has done tons of stuff:

just that one (I never saw the TV series) could keep a stable of anime artists busy for years!


No, I did see the TV series a while back, but didn’t know about webtoon version. Thank you for the recommendation! I just started reading it and I’m really liking it so far - excited to read more. Great art, too.

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Would be great to get your take via a write-up when you are done.

I don’t see a ton of discussion about source material in media - whether it’s this, The Witcher, Uzumaki, OnePunch Man etc. Hell - even The Walking Dead’s mostly boring television adaptation gets way more coverage than the comic (which I thought was decent until it wasn’t).

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