Fragments of Horror – Wonderfully creepy stories that are as weird as they are original


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He did this story which is one of the creepiest things I’ve read.

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Oh my.

Carry on folks, nothing to see here, on to the next thread. :grimacing:


This is a drop in the bucket for the guy. Uzumaki talks about the horror of spiral shapes and goes wild with it. It is the best visualization of cosmic horror I can think of.


I’m a big fan of Gyo. What if the stench of rotting fish could power autonomous replicating robots? The horror!


Ito is a great mangaka.

I ABSOLUTELY recommend his masterpiece “Cat Diary” because it actually is not a horror story. It reads as if H.P. Lovecraft wrote a pet diary. Full of existential horror, scares and furry things.


It is probably my favorite apocalypse scenario from Japan.


OH, this all reminds me, saw a video on sand flea removal. Holy fuck, right out of horror comic, especially how it leaves holes in the skin.


Oh I should add, if you are at all scared of Zika Uzumaki is not a great manga to read… there are several chapters about mosquitoes, pregnancy, and birth that are horrifying.


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