The Transportation Safety Agency wants you to give their dogs a good home

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I know the TSA’s record of racism, petty tyranny, and assholedom is not their dogs’ fault, but I would be just as likely to want to adopt a dog from the local Klavern as adopt a dog from the TSA.


It does have a bit of a White Dog vibe about it, doesn’t it.

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I can’t imagine going thru all the paperwork to adopt a dog from the federal government.

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Puppy Power… GO!!!

Yeah, I’m going to adopt a dog that is trained to inform the federal government if I have drugs in my possession.


Seth is just a racist dog.

Still, if you happen to lose track of your stash, that dog might come in handy.


The whole point is that these dogs aren’t interested in looking for drugs or explosives, or aren’t very good at it. Otherwise, they’d be gainfully employed puppers. (I’m guessing their handlers will take retired dogs 99.99% of the time.)

Also, I found a picture of a successful dog:


Look on the bright side, you’ll have a dog that’s trained to bark and point on command.


Maybe it makes me a soulless monster, but I find it hard to read the situation as something other than “Nationally-Reviled Government Agency Attempts Good Publicity Initiative by Inviting General Public to Absorb Lifelong Care of its Discarded Equipment.”


So they say. So they say.


… why are we rebranding the transportation security administration as the transportation safety agency? the latter has a distinctly different (kinder, gentler) connotation to me. the shift feels feels wrong in a way i can’t describe.

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the safty agency wants some maintenance thats why

Yes, those dogs must pay for their crimes.

I adopted one of their dogs last year. He’s great, except he barks his head off any time I pour more than 3 ounces of liquid into any glass.


Or the TSA could pay for their own damn dogs. A dog is for life

Any program that trains animals is going to have some that fail out of training. That’s a cost of doing business. When the animals are being trained for an obvious good, like guide dogs for the blind, I think that adopting one of that failed out of training is an obvious social good and I wouldn’t hesitate for a heartbeat.

In this case, the TSA is playing on our love of dogs so that they can transfer some of the costs of their programs onto the public. They’re creating a bunch of dogs that they don’t want, and those dogs are going to go into the same (largely fixed demand) pool of adoptables. The vast majority of people who adopt from the TSA would otherwise have adopted from a shelter

so yeah, fuck the TSA

I don’t really begrudge anyone who chooses to adopt one of these dogs. This just goes onto my long list of “the tsa is expensive and bad” type complaints


The TSA’s dog adoption process seems to have been written by the same soul-less hacks that write the rest of their rules and regulations.

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And I’m sure that the process has got a ton of undocumented gotcha’s, because after all, the TSA is governed by secret law.

I’ve thought from time to time about getting a dog, and the sort of beast that would start this sort of training would be a good fit, but then I say to myself, “are you nuts?” Because I surely do NOT have time to train a trail dog. (See this thread for an idea of what that entails.)

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