United f*cks up again, this time accidentally sending 2 dogs to the wrong countries


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The airline’s excuse for the mishap? The kennels looked similar.

If only there were some kind of tagging system using unique numbers, maybe barcodes that could be scanned. I don’t know. I’m just just spit balling. I’m no expert.


My dog just told me to stop reading these pieces, it’s depressing us.


United hasn’t quite missed their chance to f*ck up just yet. They still have to return both dogs to their actual owners… actually, that’s two chances. Odds are… umm… good?


ALIVE. They have to return both dogs to their owners ALIVE. Because apparently we have to specify that now.


No, they are not. They are investigating how they can defuse yet another bad story. They have no interest in finding out how this happened, or making sure it won’t happen again.


WTF is wrong with this airline? Thanks to merger mania in the 80’s and 90’s our options for airlines is shoehorned into choosing between shitty and shittier.


This whole mix-up could have been avoided if the attendant just let the family put their German Shepherd under the seat.


There’s a Disney movie here!


Boo on CBS for not even mentioning that the Great Dane has humans too, and those people (presumably in Japan) are going to be upset to find themselves with a strange German Shepherd instead of their own pet.


The kennels looked similar?! Anyone who’s ever taken a bloody flight in the US knows that about 92% of suitcases look nearly exactly the same (oh, ma’am, your bag’s been lost? Can you say what it looks like? uh, yeah. midsized black wheelie.)


Mine too. But she just gave me side-eye, sighed, and left the room.:confused:


Or intact, at least.


This happens way too much. It just happened to Schoolboy Q’s dog a few months ago.


Poor dog. I bet he doesn’t even know any Japanese :frowning:


Mine is the black carry-on with the hot pink roller-blade wheels that I replaced when the original black wheels disintegrated and the neon green zipper that replaced the original black zipper when it failed.


An especially bad time for that German shepherd to end up in the Japanese Archipelago:


Or in an overhead locker.


You’re asking for an awful lot here.


Why do the self-censoring that way around? Given the evidence, “United” is clearly more offensive than “fucks”.