The truth of Game Of Thrones’ inciting incident has been revealed [Recap: season 4, episode 5]




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HODOR!! yet again I come-to, First Looking down at my hands my worse fear has come true. it has happened again not again!! that pooooor bunnny wabbbit.


I just want Petyr Baelish to call someone a "Nidge Weasel".


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I liked when Robin acted all excited about the gift from Petyr and almost immediately threw it down the hole in the floor.

There was also a good moment when Lysa told Sansa that she'd be marrying Robin once Tyrion was dead. There was definitely a point there where Sansa realized that of all the people she could be forced to marry, Tyrion was much better than other options.


What, no mention of Arya and the Hound? I loved the Hound's take on Teddy Roosevelt, wear armor and carry a big f-in' sword.


That in fact, Robin is just a younger version of Joffrey. Out of the frying pan, into the fire.


it’s a good thing HBO divided this third book into two seasons. If it had been condensed into 10 episodes...

How about choice C: make a "season" that includes a full season of episodes?


Well, not quite. Robin is messed up in his own way, but doesn't really exhibit the same sadism that Joffrey did. Yes, he gets excited about making people "fly", but Joffery would be more excited to cut them up into little pieces while they were still alive.


Not every show has to be 22-26 episodes per season. Ten episodes of Game of Thrones runs about 9.5 hours. That's about the same runtime as 13 episodes of a network show.


"the Iron Bank of Braavos, the most powerful financial institution in the realm..."

You mean "most powerful financial institution in the wold," it's not in the realm, it's in Braavos, one of the free cities of Essos. (/pedandtry)


I liked that the conversation between Arya an The Hound seems to give just a little credence to the fan theory that Arya might just have a (faceless) protector.

It's a good point: "the greatest swordsman in the world?..."

Also, what's with a the TV reviews? I used to come to boingboing to discuss whether Steve Jobs was makin the right move by getting Apple into the phone business.



I caught that, too.
It's a theory I like. Though, to be fair, it's a little un-Martin in that it involves a bit of a "you thought they were dead ... but no!" thing. (Although, I guess we didn't actually see Syrio die.) Part of what makes the books appealing to me is Martin seems to be sticking with "dead is dead" as a rule. But there's always a happy medium to be found between brutal realism and X-Men. (And folks who've read the end of the 5th book know that he almost HAS to be doing at least one death fake out. I mean, right? RIGHT??)


There is that guy who can bring people back from the dead.


I choose you!


Oh, shit. You're right. Still, it's no X-Men.


I notice that Martin likes to make the limits of communication in his world very real. Arya "knows" Syrio is dead, but does Jorah Mormont at Daenerys' camp know of his father's death North of The Wall? We haven't seen him react the news of the Lord Commander's death so I assume the news just hasn't reached his corner of Essos.