The TSA spent $1.4M on an app to tell it who gets a random search


I’m not sure if this is funnier or less funny when you consider that the lyrics didn’t used to say "catch a tiger by the toe."


With the money left over, they could have bought 4+ iPads per airport.


Even that isn’t the contract for the app itself, that’s just the first payment of a 2 year, $1.1 million award against a contract for (quote) “MOBILE APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT” within the DHS.

There is a performance worksheet missing from the contract which would indicate the particulars.

But this is definitely not just for the app.


They could have just flipped a coin. I’ve git a quarter they can have for $250,000.


That’s a lot of money for what probably boils down to this:


Of course not. It’s pseudo-random.


Compared to the body scanners and the TSA employees themselves, I’m just going to say bravo IBM… Bravo. I especially like the big arrows and touch interface.



Or they could have asked and could have just used this.


Aaaand as expected the app was a small part of even the 336k contract I linked originally. [1] The app itself only cost 47.4k of that 336k.






It was more expensive because they had to produce swatch books with one colour missing…


Is that real?

And the paper bag test would have saved lots of money…


Don’t you know your sense of security is directly related to how much $$ is spent on it? More money must mean it makes the public more safe. :rolling_eyes:

If the US spent the money they spent on security theatre on social programs instead maybe it could stop being a police state afraid of its own people.


Someone already made this and it’s free (looks like they spent 10 seconds on it). Why spend $1.4 million dollars of tax payer money on this!!!

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