The ugly Christmas romper might just be the new ugly Christmas sweater


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I can’t be the only person bothered by the poor, completely flat photo-shopping of the patterns onto the models. The perfectly horizontal red and white stripes, even when you can see the wrinkles and curves in the underlying clothing hurt to look at.


I think, if it weren’t Photoshopped, it’d still hurt to look at.


ROMP17 'Yo


No, these aren’t the new ugly Christmas sweater. These are just another ugly Christmas thing. Things don’t always have to be the new x. Often they coexist.


No you are not. Solidarity, brother.

Also, I dress like a big enough dork as is, this sort of thing is not for me.


About $98 dollars too high, otherwise they could be great gifts for those people you don’t like but are still expected to give to.


Forget about the ugly patterns; do adults really wear rompers, patterns notwithstanding? Am I that out of the loop?



I guess it’s some kind of print-on-demand deal where they don’t actually have any inventory, which makes the price even more baffling.


I guess they might make sense here, in Australia, where the weather is too hot to wear sweaters and whatnot. Maybe?


You’re far too kind.




I am pretty sure no one has ever said that to me before.


First time for everything.


Besides, that’s according to my own personal standards, which may be a wee bit skewed; given my natural penchant for being ‘mean.’


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