The UK is finally cracking down on its Russian money-laundry, but hasn't hired people to do the job


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Nice bit of theater they have setup there.


Why do that when they can occasionally pay someone in Calton (average life expectancy: 54) to “run” it for you. The more desperate someone is, the less likely they are to ask questions.

(The way Britain treats us citizens depresses me every day)


The whole point is that we are not citizens but subjects. Once you get your head around that you’ll understand why and be grateful we’re not treated worse.


Not since 1983.

I expect that some people will be wanting to change it back now, in the name of taking back power. They never did say in whose name they were taking it back.


Thanks for the update (which makes the way we are treated no less depressing).


there will be billboards


The obvious improvement to this situation would be the discovery that they do have some staff; but that the anti-laundering squad is a crack team of fixers, ‘consultants’, and similar colorful specialists being paid off the books through an assortment of she’ll companies, padded invoices, stacks of unmarked bills, and discreet drops of whatever recreational pharmaceuticals have the best liquidity at present.


I think we’ve learnt from this Windrush thing, that just because you’re called a British citizen in a bit of legislation, it doesn’t mean that the government will actually treat you as one.
Mind you, if they just picked one person in every ten thousand and subjected them to the same “four pieces of evidence for every year you’re claiming to have been in the UK or GTFO*” tests that people applying for residency have to go through there might be a bit more of an outcry about it.

'* “What do you mean you don’t have tax records from when you were six years old?!? Get back on the boat you filthy foreigner!”


I couldn’t even pass that for my adult life and I’m white British with British ancestors going back over 1000 years.


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