The unofficial BBS earnings poll


How much money do you earn annually before tax? Individual earnings, not total household earnings.

  • <$5,000
  • $5K–$10K
  • $10K–$15K
  • $15K–$30K
  • $30K–$50K
  • $50K–$100K
  • $100K–$300K
  • $300K–$1M
  • >$1M

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In US$.
(Today’s exchange rates: $1 = £0.71 = €0.88 = 元6.48 = ¥110 = ₽69)

Not a properly controlled poll; no accuracy is guaranteed, but try not to fib.

Middle class housing projects are the Bay Area's future

Well, we can tell @japhroaig hasn’t answered this yet.


I have above average intelligence, below average earning, and a small dick.:sunglasses:


I have exactly average intelligence, above average earnings, and also have a small dick :smiley:


I have average intelligence, average earnings, and am a dick. :smiley:


UK disability welfare isn’t taxed (yet!) so I can’t give an accurate answer. I don’t think it will actually affect my answer, but it might.


Don’t come to the US - the Gov never saw an income it didn’t covet.


How do I convert between how much I earn and how much I get paid?


Too much information, dude.


It’s also got kind of an upward curve…


Information, there is too much of it!


If it’s not taxed at the moment, then it’s not taxed for the purpose of the poll. This is about what you’re earning this year, not what you might be earning in the future.

Besides:[quote=“Nelsie, post:1, topic:76147”]
How much money do you earn annually before tax?


$50K-$100K is a wiiiiiide bracket, and changes significantly upon where you live.

In Scranton PA, $48K was allowing us to live well.

$55K in CT and we were in the hole.

Also adding family-size into the mix changes things up a bit, too.



I’m an artist; I’ve been drawing since I was two years old.

That means that I always have a boring day job which doesn’t pertain to my degree in order to pay the bills, and that I’ve always known that its highly unlikely that I’ll ever be rich, or even “socially secure.”

Also I’ve lived in the Bay Area extensively, so I can personally attest that the cost of living there is astronomical, and the general perspective about what’s actually “affordable” to the average person is severely skewed.



I think this is one of those days when employers are glad that I’m not working for them.


Yeah, I don’t think this poll actually takes into account purchasing power. Such is life.


I have no reliable way of measuring my intelligence, have above average earnings for where I live, but approximately average for the sector that I work in, and have a name which is often nicknamed “Dick.”

On the subject of which bracket I’m in: I chose the $30K-50K bracket because you specified USD; if the USD-CAD exchange rate makes its way back to parity, I’d be in the $50K-100K bracket.


This must be what they mean when they say, “Information wants to be free!”


Nevertheless, it’s an interesting poll.


“It be’s like that sometimes…”

You mean outside of all the unnecessary info about strangers’ dicks, or the lack thereof?