The US Department of Justice has officially begun to un-naturalize citizens

As with so many international treaties and conventions, the US is not a signatory.


Everything McCarthy is new again!


Yeah, but in the meantime let’s all keep on arguing about which democrat said what when. VOTE BLUE NO MATTER WHO. If we don’t vote this bastard out it will literally be the end of america as we knew it.


Don’t forget, too, that we denaturalize birthright citizens, by declaring their birth certificates invalid.

Which is not getting too far from, “was either of your parents illegal? What about your grandparents?”

Paging Dred Scott!


My Father was not a citizen of the USA, my Mother was born days before her family left Germany.
So the they can come for me whenever, I’ll be waiting and ready.


Maybe he’s hoping for a promotion to Inquisitor General.


If we have to trace ‘legality’ by pedigree, you’re probably in better shape than I am; you have two immigrant parents who no doubt have their paperwork on file. By contrast, I’m “lily-white except for a tiny strain of First Nations”, but would have a hard time reconstructing satisfatory paperwork.

I can follow most of my ancestry back to the 1820 census, but the records are spotty before that. I don’t want to sort out whether my English ancestors who lived in Nieuw Nederland before Peter Kieft signed the Hempstead patent were ‘illegals!’ (They were, by Dutch law at the time.) Or whether my tiny amount of ancestry in the First Nations counted as “Indians not taxed” and therefore noncitizens.

Such a thing could be used against me in a Blood and Soil regime, if I turned out to have the wrong politics.

When you get too far into Blood and Soil, things get complicated. Which is why we have the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments in the first place!


Ah, but amazingly, they will find fraud. Eventually they will find that your great-great-great-grandfather got registered under a different name at Ellis Island than he had in the old country, so your citizenship is null and void no matter how long you have been here.





Parallel construction has found the chocolate to its peanut butter.


Christo-fascism comes at you fast.


Lends even more credence to one of Trevor Noah’s theories:


Look at what Chris Hedges lays out as their plan. It’s all happening right now…

Most of the country will be completely blindsided if the fascists gain even more power as planned in 2020. (See: Council for National Policy)

It’s petrifying, but there is really nothing new under the sun.


They are now creating a special group to find all the “fraud” that people they don’t like committed. Like most of their plays, its more extralegal than illegal. The laws were mostly written assuming good faith of the government offices enforcing them. Where the exact line lies for how far they can push it is unclear, but like any child testing authority Trump will keep pushing until someone says no.


Melania at least would definitely be screwed if they were applying this evenly - they’ve already established she was working when she wasn’t allowed to (and then lied about it).

Or not so amazingly - the current applications ask if the applicant has ever committed a crime (even if they weren’t convicted or arrested for it). This used to be used pretty exclusively to boot out people who turned out to be, say, war criminals. Now they’re applying it to any kind of crime. It’s pretty much impossible to not commit some level of infraction at some point in one’s life, even unintentionally. There’s the lawyer who insists that the average US citizen commits federal felonies on a regular basis without realizing it…

In other words, with sufficient digging - and a loose burden of proof - the US government can de-naturalize anyone they want for purely political reasons. And now they are.

Basically they’ve decided that any British citizen who is eligible to have a passport for another country can have their citizenship stripped, regardless of what country they were born in. Which would apply to a hell of a lot of people, in between everyone who had an ancestor who hailed from a country with a generous “right of return” policy, or anyone who is Jewish…


I have an Afghan friend who is naturalized. He was an interpreter for US forces in his home country, and so his life was threatened there. He was given safe passage to the US after years of service, but when Trump became president the doors were shut and he could not bring his wife over. Because he is Muslim I can totally see him being “un-naturalized” and shipped back, despite all the promises US forces made to him when he agreed to work with them. He has traveled back there to see his wife on occasion so it may not be a death sentence (or at least not immediately.) The US made him a promise, and yet I can totally see the Trump administration breaking that promise for no good reason.


Which ignores the fact that Billionaire Bastard Bloomberg is an openly racist, sexist Republican plutocrat who is trying to buy the U.S. presidency and has so far seen some real success at it. The primary difference between Bloomberg and Trump is that we can document that Bloomberg is a billionaire, while there is no objective proof that Trump is worth more than $400 million. I’m not sure that being a smarter, more successful tyrant somehow makes anyone a superior choice to Traitor Trump.


Call me old fashioned but if you accept someone into your nation as a citizen you do it for life. Buck up be responsible.