The US Department of Transportation just put out its own Lo-Fi Chill Mix

Originally published at: The US Department of Transportation just put out its own Lo-Fi Chill Mix | Boing Boing

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Video link for the BBS


Glad to see that Secretary Buttigieg is making a difference…? :thinking:

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As someone who actually likes Lo-fi as background music to work to this playlist fails on two counts:

  • it’s way too short. The point of a playlist like that is to put it on and forget about having to choose music for at least an hour

  • Buttigieg is talking all over it. I listen to Lo-fi specifically because there are usually no distracting lyrics


This reminds me of the Texas Workforce Commission Hold Music Project (not actually affiliated with the Texas Workforce Commission).

I guess lo-fi means something different now. Not complaining, just observing. But a little confused, admittedly. It used to mean music like this:

I couldn’t get past the first 10 seconds without wishing I had a pair of these. Folks love their gimmicky filters, sign of a bad editor.


I was ranty when he was appointed as a clear patronage hire, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised. The department has shown a much better focus on racial equity, rail, and repairs than I ever hoped for. It is still early , but I’ll take obsessive social media posting if it moves the needle on better transportation policy.

We’ll see. Still early days…

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