Trump supporter berates black Lyft driver with racial slurs and calls cops because he wouldn't put the radio on


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It says “Not this shit again”


I assume Lyft will be cancelling his account. If not I will be sending an email today demanding that they do.


“Trump supporter” because even BoingBoing has limits on who can be called “gentlemen”


This guy should be arrested for making a frivolous non emergency call to the police.


That guy is in serious need of a physical readjustment. Sounds like he hasn’t had one before.


I could be wrong…but isn’t it in the fine print when you use UBER and LYFT that you are consenting to potentially being recorded by the driver? I seem to have thought that was a thing.


“I came out of a gay club and your driver is racist against gay people,” Ortiz rants, adding, “I know my legal rights as an American citizen that voted for Trump…”

Strong in the Stupid is this one. (After SCROTUS gets done with women’s rights, what do you think they’ll go after next? Ah, think, there’s the problem word.)


Before they do that, I hope they bill Mr Ortiz for the duration of time he kept Mr Pepas from getting another fare.


Bigger problems for Mr. Ortiz.


Yeah, I hope they delete any negative feedback he’s left for this driver or any in the past, too.


Per the source article he’s been fired. I will still be contacting Lyft for assurance that they defend their employees independent contractors.

A Trump supporter who berated his Lyft driver with the N word has been fired from his job after a video of the harassment went viral.




My first thought after watching that was, Mr. Ortiz, I hope your boss gives you every night off in perpetuity, and the only job you can find is on a city streets cleaning crew.

Also, the shithead worked for an urgent care center. I wouldn’t want to have to go to a place he worked for a medical emergency.

Meanwhile, Lettman launched a GoFundMe page after having his Lyft account suspended because of the incident. (It has since been reinstated.) So far, he was raised over $25,000.

Fucking ride share companies. They actually tried to fire the driver.


This is pretty astounding. What a tool. What an amazing sense of entitlement.

New York is a one-party consent state. The driver appears to be consenting to his recording of himself and the occupants of his car. So not illegal.

Also, not “racist against gay people.” Lol.


Deserves a repost


Nah, Trumpsters hate calling customer service. Too many POCs. /s


This should have been the outcome.


Here’s one of the things that fascinates me. Does Mr. Ortiz consider himself to be white? That’s what his words seem to suggest. And yet I think nine out of ten Americans would say he isn’t. Is this a ‘New York is different’ kind of thing?

Also, what an amazingly patient man Mr. Pepas is.


This super citizen-lawyer sank his own bullshit lawsuit threat when he consented to being recorded (15:48).