The US has quit UNESCO, the UN agency that protects world heritage sites and teaches poor children to read

I think this is key to our withdrawal under Mister Art of the Deal than anything else.

Two countries vs. the rest of the world. I wonder who’s in the right? (Hint: not us)


So much for the two-state solution.


A few folks in Texas freaked out when UNESCO designated the Alamo a World Heritage site. I’m sure they like this decision.

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“About as good as it gets” indeed.

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Weird considering Israel is still part of UNESCO


its a thing he did.

Of course it is retaliatory

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That applies to a whole lot more than just this one issue.

Trump is not an aberration from American history; he is the natural consequence of it.

In policy terms, what the Trumpists are doing represents a difference in quantity, but not a difference in kind. The USA has always been like this; it’s just more obvious now. So obvious that even middle class white people are beginning to notice.

The roots of American fascism go all the way back to the 3/5ths Compromise. The USA has always been a white supremacist nation, obsessed with militarism and dominance. To quote a bit from Matt Taibbi’s recent piece for Rolling Stone:


Has nobody noticed his strategy is to walk away when the bills come due, and let them come begging him (or courts compelling him) for pennies on the dollar of what they have put in?

Thing is, he’s now playing that game with a body that just doesn’t operate based on next quarters numbers.


Maybe we have it all wrong.

Maybe 45 is just pissed that they wouldn’t designate Trump Tower a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Yeah, but neither does drumpf, so … ?

Maybe they could meet him halfway and declare whatever small mammal lives on his forehead, as an endangered species.


“I’m just here to troll.”


I don’t know what the procedure is, but a big part of the World Heritage designation is that whatever it is is considered so beautiful and so important that it is the part of the common heritage of all humanity and thus, is humanity’s to protect and cherish.

All totally true. One thing to remember though is, many countries on the planet today are horrible, some more-so than the U.S. (and of those, some not even of our causing!) And this is true throughout history, in fact for most of recorded history, things were much worse.

Right now in spacetime on Planet Earth, America is a pretty nasty, awful thing, on many levels. So odd, many of our people are so wonderful! I hear even average Iranians loooove Americans on an individualized level. America is also an extremely diverse country, with many caring, enlightened people. It’s important to not forget about them.

At the end of the day, it will take nothing less than a total revolution of the mind (because we are an extraordinarily brainwashed nation) for us to break the invisible chains that bind us. Invisible for many folks at least, for some it’s obviously more literal, like black and hispanic kids who get jail time for marijuana possession. I’m not sure how we could really turn it around. The system is already so utterly, totally corrupt, it’s not like we have a real Democracy at all, rather, we are a blatant oligarchical society that is quickly becoming, especially under the current administration, an outright (and not even abashed) kleptocracy. It’s insane. And if you don’t think the Russians were inside voting machines, you’re fucking crazy. But people have probably been inside (enough of) the voting machines for yeeeears, and I doubt most of them were Russian.

Revolution of the mind, and then some kind of an actual revolution. But the only thing that will turn it around is changing ourselves, possibly even evolving as a species, literally. That’s happening now, considering we already seem to have transitioned into extremely cybernetic beings at this point. It’s really not as elegant to literally have it embedded in your body, sheesh, but we already have all sorts of interesting upgrades, thanks to mobile computing, media and telecommunications technology.

Homo Informaticus, as I like to call it. I wonder if that’s already been coined? Damn, it has been, but I’ve been using the phrase for at least a decade, maybe two. Anywho…

We certainly shall see how it plays out in the short and medium terms, anyway. The 21st Century is juuuust getting warmed up. Wait until they break the news about the aliens. God, I am going to be out of my mind that day, laughing my ass off, eating popcorn. Unfortunately the aliens might be faked… Does it even matter?

Buckle. The. Fuck. Up.


I agree they should, but they aren’t. Egregiously so in this “about as good as it gets” UN agency.

Maybe they can declare his properties as Superfund sites as a compromise. (I mean, what’s more super than a Trump property?)


Thank gosh he can’t mess with the Superfund.

I mean, aren’t white people the only ones with heritage and history? /s


Of course not.

We did? I guess I’d forgotten that. At least we know we can get back in, if and when sanity returns to America.