Israel to Trump: no, you can't land a helicopter on our UNESCO World Heritage Site


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Ride a cable car? But then he’d totally miss out! For the full siege of Masada experience from the Roman point of view, Trump should trudge up the incline, preferably while projectiles are directed at him.


Trump constantly needs to be told, “No means No!”


Orange man has to take the cable car? I walked up and down and I was only 18 at the time. Isn’t it usually the old people that are talking about how they had to walk 5 miles in the snow both ways?


Trump: Can I helicopter to your photo-op, I mean revered ancient memorial?
Israel: Of course not.


“What’s Masada?”

“A holy fortress important to Zealots, Mr. President.”

“Oh, zealots love me!”


How many rounds of golf will tRump play on it though?


They could do a flyover, and push him out. No parachute, though, as that, too might knock down signs and cause damage. I’m sure someone on the ground would rush to catch him.


It could be an opportunity for his staff to demonstrate their loyalty.


He’s not taking the cable car or walking. He has a well known fear of stairs and inclines.

Incidentally, Trump is a 70 year old man with a family history of Alzheimer’s trouble with balance is an early sign of dementia.


Well, if he wanted to go there, he’d have to. But since he can’t fly in, he decided he doesn’t want to go there after all.

Given all the signs of dementia we’re seeing in him, I wonder how it could be diagnosed. There’s no baseline to compare it to, given his personal physician has clearly not been doing his job, and Trump will always be able to tell you who the president is - he’ll forget everything else, but that he’ll remember.


This video is a little hokey, but it lays out the case pretty persuasively. I thought it was particularly interesting that they took old footage of young trump and compared it to more recent footage to show how the breadth of this vocabulary and speaking patterns have degraded over time.


Too cruel to the UNESCO World Heritage Site.


The best revelation here is that Trump wanted to have the Miss Universe pageant at Masada.



Benjamin Netanyahu to Donald Trump: “No, I cannot set you up on a date with Gal Gadot”


Since then, the only plane on Masada was a Cessna light aircraft that accidentally crashed into the site in 2006.

Could he do that instead?


“This wailing wall would make a great hazard for my next golf course.”


You are welcome Cor!


If we tied Turnip to a post on the US-Mexico border, we could have our own wailing wall.


Trump just thinks it’s beneath him to take public transportation.