Israel to Trump: no, you can't land a helicopter on our UNESCO World Heritage Site


It’s really a shame he couldn’t go. He might have been inspired given his current conflicts.


I’m betting Cheeto Benito’s fear of stairs and inclines stems from the accelerated heart rate, rapid respiration and lightheaded sensation that occurs every time he is forced to use a stairwell.


Have you seen Trump’s view on exercise? It’s nuts!


People routinely point out how much more articulate he was X years ago. Reporter Maggie Habberman, who has spoken to him regularly over the years, indicated there was a sharp change when he went from speaking about business matters, which he’s familiar with, to speaking about politics and government, where he knows absolutely nothing. So I don’t know if the disjointed speech patterns were already there and he became much more vague as a result of that transition, or being able to speak about familiar things masked any cognitive decline, but it complicates seeing changes over time.


He’s also mad it won’t be renamed Trumpsada in his honor.


Look, all the politicians on both sides of the aisle want to be Reagan.


Oh for sure. I also get that sitting in a chair for a low stakes interview you’ll speak differently than you will hollering into a microphone in some barn in front of thousands.

But some of his interviews these days are just incomprehensible word soup.


He´ll probably hit the sand bunker all the time.


It’s true. Ten years ago he could clearly articulated his thoughts: “Grab her by the pussy”. Nowadays I’m sure it would be more like: “Grab, you know, ummm, her, on the…with my hand i’m talking about…you can…touch…with my huge hands…grab her…you know…ummmm…her…biggest turnout ever!..grab her…ummm…”


Hey, articulating thoughts and having thoughts worth articulating are totally different things.


Even in interviews, the problem is that previously he was being interviewed about things in his comfort zone (which mostly involved just giving his opinion), but now he’s well out of the zone (and being asked hard questions about facts), he can’t even bullshit properly, which changes how articulate he can be. So it’s hard to tell how much of his word salad is due to cognitive decline (where previously, in business, being able to speak about familiar subjects using well-worn phrases might have masked it), and how much is just due to his total confusion about his new position (where suddenly his life-long stupidity is leaving him without the cognitive tools to switch gears and learn enough to even fake it). I personally suspect it’s a mixture of both, but I’m not sure how much of each is at play.


In 1985, after a standard Israeli hotel breakfast of runny yogurt and maybe sliced cucumber, I hiked Masada and vomited halfway up the hill.



Given his electoral performance with evangelicals; I can’t really argue with him on that one; much as it baffles me.


whats the over/under that he does it anyway?


Sorry, Donald - it looks like you’re going to have to find another driving range to get your golfing fix at…


Aye, but I was poking fun at his inevitably mistaking Zealots for zealots.


Is anyone other than Putin operating as Trump’s nanny that they have to inform him as to what is appropriate or not? I guess when you pattern your appreciations on an autocracy, nothing seems unreasonable. Trump doesn’t seem to see the value in anything unless he is there amidst it and operates on the assumption that what pisses other people off can only mean he is doing a good job. It doesn’t mean that something is right, it means that someone is an asshole.


“Since then, the only plane on Masada was a Cessna light aircraft that accidentally crashed into the site in 2006.”

Perhaps the Israeli government should reconsider Trump’s request.


One does not simply helicopter into Masada.


Helicopters don’t have propellers. Here’s a thought; chopper him to the top of Devil’s Rock, he likely can’t tell the difference.