The Venture Brothers movie released its first image

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really love The Venture Bros., and look forward to this …whenever it happens.

As an aside: what is a “movie” versus what is a (TV) “series” anymore? As goes the movie theater, so goes that distinction, it seems. (“So you used to have to go somewhere and sit in the dark and eat corn-based snacks, grandpa??” yesss, Timmy, and if you didn’t chew your popcorn loudly enough, they stuck you to the floor with old soda and chewing gum)


Can’t wait-huge fan of this decidedly askew show.

I can’t say I really like the henchman costume re-design, though.



LOVED this series. I feel like if I was 5-10 years old I’d love it even more.

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This is proof i need to check Jackson Publick’s chirps and less Urbaniak (Dr. Venture’s voice)… Although, did ya know he will do a Cameo for just $35!!! :+1::purple_heart:

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