Here's your first look at the new Venture Bros movie

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Patrick Warburton, I’d know thine voice anywhere and always love when you’re cast. Animation looks meh though. I suppose they could be going for a “look,” but after seeing what Arcane did and (big screen budget) Into the Spider-verse, I accept nothing less anymore.

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I can’t wait for this, Venture Brothers has been one of the best shows of the last… checks calendar twenty years?!


The original came out 2003. The first couple episodes were flash animations. They were also parodying/emulating Johnny Quest from 1964 so the animation style was supposed to resemble Hanna-Barbera cartoons from that time period. In seven seasons over 20 years the style has evolved a little, but the basic style was established early. The writing and characterization are what set it apart, not the animation techniques.


It’s always looked like that… :woman_shrugging: It’s a fantastic show… where else you gonna see David Bowie morph into a bird, flanked by Iggy Pop and Klaus Nomi:




[ETA this should be there, cause below is Brian Eno] Dr. Girlfriend!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



author extolls the virtue of the quality of animation produced at AS- cites VB as an example-misses the point that this show was cancelled and this is the last gasp series finale-either just churning content for a check or shilling for Time-Warner.

Venture Bros has been consistently good (if not great) in story, humor and character building for 20 years. Made by a team that cares more about what theyre creating than just cranking it out. “animation is meh”? this show has only improved its animation overtime, and perfectly nails the aesthetic it set out to skewer and homage.

I’ll take this show over most others. I bleed in “glorious extra-color”. Go Team Venture- I will miss you.

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I must correct myself. The opening credit sequences are stylish and there are other sequences where visuals are outstanding, so I should not say the animation techniques are lacking. They are not as flashy and cutting edge as Into the Spider-verse or Arcane but they serve the story.

That’s what I was wondering. Thanks for the info.

So it intentionally looks “meh.” Thanks for clarifying.

I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating. For me - yes, me, not others, this is MY personal opinion - animation style makes up a big chunk of my enjoyment of animated stories. I just can’t stand junk animation, even if the story might be good. It’s a visual medium. Enjoy what you like, and I’ll enjoy what I like.

When I heard about the new movies I started re-watching the series, and it really whets my appetite for more!

Just to note, season 3 is when the animation became crisper/stylized. Watching the pilot made me think that I developed glaucoma so I don’t mind at all the improvement in quality and change in animation. :eyeglasses:

My favorite part of the series is how all of the main characters have very complex and believable story arcs.
Henchman 21 (due to the death of his friend 24)
Sheila/Dr Girlfriend/Dr Mrs The Monarch/Councilwoman

Not to mention when Brock addresses post-transition* Col. Gathers as ‘Honor’ instead of ‘Hunter’… that show was f*ckin’ WOKE!

(*although unbeknownst to Brock Col. Gathers had transitioned back to Hunter.)

That isn’t Hank. Hank doesn’t have a birthmark next to his eye. That has to be Johnny.

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