The village that will soon crumble into the sea

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An American analogue:


Barrier islands world wide face the same fate, if they don’t disappear out right,
they migrate land ward, closing in the bays behind them. I’ve watched the changes
happen at my beloved Fire Island over the decades, and beach replenishment
is simply postponing the inevitable. House boats mored on the bayside, and moved
to more secure areas off season would make more sense in the long run~


Miami and the Keys: I’m lookin’ at you.


Poor Jefe…

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But the tide will go out and everything will be OK, until the tide comes back in, I guess…

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it needs a baileys what sum… etcetera

See also…


Interesting. I’ve heard of Smith Island, MD many times, and it is north of Tangier, just over the line in the Chesapeake separating Virginia and Maryland. Smith Island cakes frequently make the news, and they mention the ongoing sinking and erosion in passing. Here’s more on both subjects:


Much more expensive real estate is being affected. Like Miami Beach, shown as it might appear in 2050 (which is not at all far off).


I visited there in 2019 (was about to say last year…). The church within a church is really interesting, and it is possible to walk to the beach from there, although not on a straight line route. It is sad, and I feel for the landowners, but the council’s decision is pretty rational.

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