The watch of the future (might be hard to type)

The article is actually why we are bad at tech predictions and a fairly interesting read, but the real kicker for me was the watch on the cover of byte magazine. why can’t I haz?

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Wow. Tiny keyboard. Command line. Floppy disk.

I need this.


whelp, you made the front page, but you got ripped off on the credit.

oh well, we here in the gulag know it was you

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@doctorow Isn’t that image just fabulous retro-futurism? The tech nostalgia it engenders in me makes it so desirable that I’d gladly suffer typing with a toothpick from time to time, if such a device could actually be made.

That image is from Robert Tinney’s cover for the April 1981 issue of Byte magazine, and was recently featured in Harry McCracken’s Time Magazine article about tech predictions. In case you want to add some details about its origin. Cheers.

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