The weirdest inventions you didn't know existed

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We’ve had one of those butter-stick-dispensers for decades. I think my wife got it with some Tupperware when we got married. I’ve only seen it come out of the random Tupperware cabinet when we’re serving corn-on-the-cob.

Supposedly it’s useful at a picnic because you keep your hands clean, and if you put the cap back on it’s sealed against insects. But so is any other plastic tub that you might keep butter in otherwise.


Some silliness in this vein of mine:

The Solar Fork: Check out my latest invention - the Solar Fork! – @walkswithdave on Tumblr

The Wireless Tongue Scraper: reposty: wireless tongue scraper Ty eschews the principle of “yes, and” – @walkswithdave on Tumblr


I think the car eyelashes look like lot of fun. Accessorize them with a pair of Truck Nuts for maximum fun.


I saw them once on a New Beetle - they were really cute.


I saw the most amazing way to butter corn at a Labor Day picnic one of my wife’s coworkers invited us to a few years ago. This party was huge, somewhere over a hundred people, and he was boiling corn in what I can only describe as a cauldron he had over fire pit.

To handle the butter he had an old metal thermos set off to the side of the fire with some hot water. He had thrown in two entire sticks of butter which melted and floated on top of the water, and after fishing out an ear of corn from the cauldron he would dunk the entire thing in the thermos and it would emerge perfectly buttered.


I remember the very first Minnesota Renaissance Festival had corn on the cob boiling in a large kettle, a wooden bucket of melted butter, and a piece of burlap cloth holding a cup of salt, tied closed with rough twine. The worker took the corn from the kettle, dunked it in the butter, handed it to you, and you shook the butter-smeared salt bag over the cob. Not a piece of Tupperware in sight. And definitely not up to today’s food handling standards.

I only remember corn and turkey legs being available; not the dozens of food stands they built in the permanent Shakopee location. And I’m sure there had to have been plenty of wine and beer, but I was only 9 years old at the time.


Baby mop? It’s been done :yum:

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there was a pink prius w/eyelashes near me.

i was SO tempted.

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Hmmm. (Ok, not a complete sentence, but hmmmm.)

Somewhere in Fort Wayne, IN, resides a lady who has those eyelashes on her VW Bug. They seem rather fitting on that car, very amusing and not weird at all.

When I drove a Miata, I had the vampire teeth in the front grill. Could someone take the concept and go way over the top? It’s not for me to judge.


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